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MGB Fuel tanks 1965-1981 NRP2/1174 £99.95
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MG Midget Fuel Tanks NRP8/9 £99.95
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MGB Fuel tank fitting kit Suitable 1965-1981 NRP2K £6.95
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Fuel tank sender and seal for MGB 1965-1975 AHU1027 £15.95

Fuel tank sender and seal for MGB 1976-1981 ADU3218 £16.95

MG Midget 1275 up to1972 screw fitting BHA4711 £19.95

MG Midget 1972 on twist fitting BRA1960 £17.95

MGB Standard SU fuel pump
Suitable all neg earth models
AZX1307 £94.95

MGB Solid state fuel pump
Suitable all neg and pos earth models
Design may differ from photo

AZX1307X £69.95

MG Midget Electric fuel pump
Suitable all Chrome bumper models
AUF214Z £49.95

AccuPump Electronic fuel pump
Universal fitting
Pumps 6-8 psi 40 gallons Hour

MG Midget 1500cc fuel pump 1975-1977 RKC1624 £18.95
No Picture Available

MG Midget 1500cc fuel pump TKC3417 £24.95
No Picture Available

Carburetor return springs set of 3 AEC2075 £3.00
No Picture Available

Universal fuel filter GFE7000 £3.75
No Picture Available

Monza Fuel flip cap
Brass collar needs to be bonded to fuel neck

E023 £17.50

MG Aston Fuel Cap including new Locking cap


E022 £27.50

RV8 Style Locking fuel cap All models
E020 NLA

Locking SS Fuel Cap all Models
E021 £9.95