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Evans Power Cool 5lts


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Evans Classic Cool 5lts

Evans Classic Cool 2lts

Evens Prep Fluid 5 lts

Evans Prep Fluid 2lts

MGB 1962-1971
Note:This set can only be used if the
original 3 way botton hose joiner is still in
place . Otherwise use the later CHK2
CHK1 £29.95

Radiators with a filler cap
CHK2 £29.95

MGB 1976-1981
Late MGB with electric cooloing fan
CHK3 £34.95

MG Midget Early vertical flow radiators
CHK4 £32.50

MG Midget with crossflow Radiotor and a Square heater box
CHK5 £31.35

MG Midget 1275 with cross flow radiator and a rounded heater box
CHK6 £35.00

MG Midget 1500cc all years
CHK7 £39.95

Midget 1275 cross flow radiator
ARA318 £99.95

Midget New 1500 cc Radiator
NRP1028 £109.95

Early rear fill MGB 1962 -1968 New radiator
ARH260 £139.95
No Picture available

MGB centre fill 1969-1975
NRP1142 £115.95

MGB late radiator 1976-1981
Models fitted with electric fan
NRP1154 £119.95

MGB Electric Radiator cooling fan Motor and fan
FK1 £59.95

MGB Heater Matrix all Years
37H7914 £62.50

MG Midget 1098/1275 heater tap kit
88G588 £16.95

MGA and MGB Heater tap with gasket
Suitable all years
BHA5298 £13.25

MGB Water pump
Cars with 18V engines
1970-1981 approx
GWP130 £27.50

MGB Waterpump
18GB - GG Engines
GWP114 £24.95

MGB Fan belt Chrome bumper models
GFB900 £3.75
No Picture available

MGB Fanbelt Rubber bumper models
GFB950 £3.75
No Picture available

MG Midget 1500 cc Fan belt all years
GFB11088 £3.95
No Picture available